Wordsworth e Coleridge: differenze. Spiegazione in inglese

William Wordsworth e Samuel Taylor Coleridge: differenze tra i due scrittori. Spiegazione e riassunto in inglese

Wordsworth e Coleridge: differenze. Spiegazione in inglese


Quali sono le differenze tra Wordsworth e Coleridge
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William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge are considered two of the most important poets of the first English Romantic period. They worked together to publish the collection "Lyrical Ballads" in 1798, which is regarded as a landmark in the development of English Romantic poetry. The two poets had different views on imagination, nature, and poetry, which influenced their work and shaped their literary legacy.

Wordsworth believed that imagination was the faculty that enriched simple ideas and allowed people to bring back the joy and wonder of childhood that they lost as they grew older. He saw imagination as a tool to bring life to ideas and was a key aspect of his concept of poetry. Wordsworth saw nature as a part of us, a source of feelings and inspiration that was full of life and energy. He saw the countryside as an escape from the noise and artificiality of the city and believed that poets should take inspiration from rural life.


On the other hand, Coleridge divided imagination into primary and secondary imagination. The primary imagination was a common human faculty that allowed people to perceive and experience the world around them. The secondary imagination, on the other hand, was the capacity to order memories and enrich them with the supernatural. Coleridge saw nature as a symbol of the One Life, a divine power that pervaded all things. In his poetry, Coleridge often imbued natural landscapes and objects with deeper symbolic meaning.

In terms of poetry, Wordsworth saw it as a spontaneous expression of feelings that was "emotion recollected in tranquillity." He believed that poets should take inspiration from their experiences and memories, combining them with their imagination to create poems that captured the essence of their emotions. Coleridge, on the other hand, saw poetry as a product of the unconscious that created an ecstatic experience. He believed that poetry was a combination of memory and the supernatural, a way to express the inexpressible.

In conclusion, Wordsworth and Coleridge were two important figures in the English Romantic movement who had different views on imagination, nature, and poetry. Their collaboration in "Lyrical Ballads" marked a turning point in the development of English Romantic poetry and their unique perspectives continue to influence literary studies today.

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