Test Medicina in lingua inglese | IMAT 2017

Il test IMAT di Medicina in lingua inglese per l'anno accademico 2017-2018 somministrato dal Miur. Simulazione online con domande e soluzioni

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Two adjacent healthy human cells, X and Y, contain the two molecules Q and R. The concentration of molecule Q in cell X is 4 arbitrary units (a.u.) and in cell Y it is 6 a.u. The concentration of molecule R in both cell X and cell Y is 7 a.u. Which of the following statements about the net movement of ONLY molecules Q and R between cells X and Y could be correct?

1. Molecules of Q move by facilitated diffusion from cell X. 2. Molecules of Q move by active transport into cell Y. 3. Molecules of R move into and out of both cell X and cell Y.