Test medicina in Inglese 2014-2015: domande e soluzioni

Test medicina in lingua inglese, la simulazione con le domande e le soluzioni

Domanda 9 di 43

We constantly split our attention between the people we are with and what's happening on our mobile phone screens. On-screen multi-tasking makes us less efficient as well as less emotionally engaged with others. It takes 64 seconds to recover our train of thought after interruption by a message (that's 8.5 hours a week wasted if we check our screens every five minutes) and when we've sent an email or SMS text message, the brain goes through a serie of semi-conscious calculations as we wonder when and how the recipient will reply. The result is that we're not 'present' for several minutes afterwards. In order to function effectively in the workplace, we need to switch off our communication hardware

Which one of the following is the best statement of the flaw in the above argument?