Test medicina in Inglese 2014-2015: domande e soluzioni

Test medicina in lingua inglese, la simulazione con le domande e le soluzioni

Domanda 6 di 43

Over 30 years ago, the smallpox virus was eradicated (removed) from the natural environment, but examples of it are still preserved in two laboratories. It is planned, however, to destroy these remaining viruses. Given that this will be the first example of a deliberate destruction of an entire species, we should think again before destroying these viruses. Years ago we thought we had the right to kill as many creatures as we liked, but now we realise we have no such right. Furthermore, we cannot know the future? we cannot justify destroying something that could be of enormous value to us one day, valuable in ways we cannot even think of now. And anyway, what possible harm can captive viruses do to us?

Which one of the following best expresses the main conclusion of the above argument?