Test Imat 2019-2020: quiz di Cultura generale e ragionamento logico

Domande ufficiali di Cultura generale e Regionamento logico proposte dal Miur al test IMAT 2019-2020

Domanda 4 di 22

Increasingly, the quality of a teacher, and of his or her lessons, is to be judged by feedback from their pupils. This is dangerous, as pupils have a tendency to focus too much on whether or not they enjoyed the lesson, in other words, on how much ‘fun’ they found it. The purpose of education, however, is not to keep children entertained; it is not to make their lives more fun. Arguably, it is not even to make them happier, per se. The purpose of schools is to make their pupils better, more educated people. This is all that matters, and therefore it is whether the teacher succeeds at this – not at being a children’s entertainer – that counts.

Which one of the following is a flaw in the above argument?