Test Imat 2018-2019: quiz di Cultura generale e ragionamento logico

Test Imat 2018-2019 per la facoltà di Medicina in lingua Inglese. Quiz di Cultura generale e ragionamento logico

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David normally takes 45 minutes to walk at a steady speed in a straight line from his house, past his friend Barry’s house and then past a shop to reach his college. Today, however, he stopped at Barry’s house on the way and had to wait 3 minutes for him to be ready to leave. They stopped at the shop to buy their lunch, which took another 3 minutes. It normally takes David 20 minutes to walk from his home directly to the shop and Barry normally takes 32 minutes to walk directly from his home to the college and they both walk at the same steady speed.

How long does it take them to walk from Barry’s house to the shop?