Admission test for the degree course in Medicine and Surgery 2013-2014

Test ministeriale in lingua inglese per l’ammissione alla facoltà di Medicina e Chirurgia 2013-2014

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There is an increasing number of historical or significant buildings in the UK which are said to be 'At Risk'. Without a change in the law most of these buildings are doomed to crumble into the ground. This is because these buildings are no longer structurally sound. The exisiting strict renovation laws mean that they are too expensive or impractical for private individuals or developers to renovate or repair. There are certainly people out there who would be willing to maintain these buildings if they could use more modern and less expensive techniques and materials. Surely it is better to sacrifice some of the original building's character rather than lose the entire structure. Which one of the following best expresses the main conclusion of the above argument?