Admission test for the degree course in medicine and surgery 2012-2013

Test ministeriali 2012-2013 in lingua inglese per l’accesso alla facoltà di Medicina e Chirurgia 2012-2013

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A restaurant owner who has put grey squirrel on the menu has called it the 'ultimate ethical food'. The grey squirrel, a small, tree-dwelling rodent introduced to Britain over a century ago, is breeding so rapidly that the native red squirrel is disappearing. Encouraging the consumption of the grey species as food may help protect the red one, in her view. The owner added that squirrel meat was free range, low fat and low on air miles. However, we can challenge this, as it is all just a cheap publicity stunt to increase business in the restaurant. Squirrels should not be on the menu! Which one of the following is the best statement of the flaw in the above argument?