Admission test for the degree course in medicine and surgery 2012-2013

Test ministeriali 2012-2013 in lingua inglese per l’accesso alla facoltà di Medicina e Chirurgia 2012-2013

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It has been argued that since there has to be some limit on the funding of university education by governments, it would be best to target such funding, giving a lower priority to subjects which provide little benefit to society. Some subjects, such as Medicine, Engineering and Computing should be well funded, because they are clearly of great worth to the community. Subjects such as Classics, Literature and Art should be funded at a much lower level. These subjects are primarily of interest to the individual, and a wealthy society should give some subsidy to hobby subjects. However, it must be recognised that the future of society lies in the training and development of those people who will contribute the most. Which one of the following must be assumed in the above argument?