Tema svolto di Lingua Inglese: seconda prova maturità 2019 Linguistico

Di Redazione Studenti.

Tema svolto di Lingua e Cultura Straniera 1 (Inglese). Domande e risposte di comprensione e analisi per la seconda prova di maturità 2019 per il Linguistico








  1. Yes, The author really cares about recreating the atmosphere of the moment experienced by his characters, in fact he offers many details when he describes what is going on and he explains how everything looks like: the people, the station, and the italian landscapes and monuments. Moreover, the author's style is clear and simple, and this is why is very easy to understand both the course of events and both the characters' emotions.
  2. Reading Philip's words we understand he really loves Italy and we know that many people have always chosen to go to this country as  tourists. The reasons of this success are more than one: Italy is full of history, art, beautiful ladscapes and traditions and probably the best kinds of food and wine in the world. So it is not difficult to understand why it is so attractive to Philip, but what he suggests is that the richness of this land isn't made only of its antiquities, but also of its current attractions, most of all its people, which are famous for their hospitality and are grateful to their visitors, so they are always happy to warm the guests up with their kindness.
  3. The characters appear to belong to a wealthy family, since Lilia, the main character, can afford not only to travel to Italy, but also in a first class carriage. The fact that Philip, her brother in law, knows this country very well, means that he has the chance to travel too, so their families must be quite rich. We also know that the story is set in the first years of the 20th century, and that the characters belong to a numerous family, since the author introduces us many members, so we can suppose that is a typical family belonging to the Middle class.


Since the beginning of the world man has in his nature the need to move, to discover new places, and to explore the world around him. Nowadays he has the chance to satisfy his curiosity by countless means, but the best way to see something new is travelling. In fact, when someone travels, he inevitably deals with something different and unknown, and this fact is important, because it marks someone's personality forever. So it wouldn't be wrong to affirm that we are different persons when we come back. I wouldn't be the same person I am today if I didn't have made the travels I made with my family and friends. I have learned so many things, not only for myself, like how to stay away from home for a long time and how to be indipendent, but also for my cultural baggage. Actually, travelling is also the best way to see for real something you are fond of, like a particular population, a city, a monument, or an attraction, and the feeling is priceless, or at least this is what I thought wnen I went to London.

Anyway, I am sure that the emotions felt during a trip are something very unique, that stays forever in someone's memories and accompanies him. These events have effects not only on a long term, but also on the short one: in fact, when we come back, everything seems different to us, even our own house, because we are able to catch new details and to appreciate better the diversity that surrounds us. But what matters the most is the change that has happened in our mind, which has grown up and is more open. In conclusion, is clear that this experience makes you richer than any physical good.