Tema sul Natale in inglese

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Tema sul Natale svolto in inglese
Tema sul Natale svolto in inglese — Fonte: getty-images


It is that time of the year again, the time of sharing, eating and spending time with your family. The mistletoe is hanging on the door, the decorations are up and there is a rush for the last-minute Christmas presents. Relatives are coming home from all over the world and moms have started thinking about the Christmas dinner menu. It is the month that we always look forward to, a month of joy and love. But what about the less- fortunate people, the ones that cannot afford a Christmas meal?


We live in a society that is based on commodities, on how big the presents are and on how much we spend. We like to showcase what we have received, we like to go Christmas shopping and to get thrilled by the glittery, happy and superficial shop windows.
Advertisers get overexcited around Christmas, when it is time to make people believe that their products are the best gift that you could ever imagined. It is all about marketing rather than feelings. “To have the best Christmas ever, come to shop”, “ Show her your love, buy this expensive ring” are the most Christmas-related marketing hidden messages.
Is it really what we want? Do we want a Christmas based on commodities?

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When I was little, I remember getting excited about Christmas at the beginning of December, when my mom was taking the Christmas boxes down. I remember counting down the days on my Christmas calendar and wishing that that time would never pass. I remember writing a letter to Santa Claus, making window decorations and baking cookies. I remember the excitement for Christmas day, with all my cousins.

I remember sharing the presents, true. But I remember even more the whole feeling of love and excitement.
Then I grow up and I have realized that Santa Claus is red because of the Cola brand, that the shops put up decorations to make themselves more appealing and that most of the people do not even think that it is a religious festivity. I have also started having that pressure towards buying presents.

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We tend to forget about the financial crisis and that most of the people have lost their jobs. Too busy with our “Christmas duties”, we do not think about the people who moved away from their families because of war, conflicts and hunger and that cannot live the magic of Christmas. We forget about the old people left alone in council houses, without anyone to celebrate with. We forget about wars and conflicts in countries not too far from us. The fact that we have been lucky enough to be born in an advantage country, does not give us permission to be so materialistic. It could have happen to any of us, so we should be a bit more thoughtful about what we have. Christmas has turned into a selfish celebration, and we are aware of it.

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Walking along the streets, it is impossible not to notice the homeless people begging, sleeping outside the shops and wrapping themselves with the few clothes that they have. We see them, but we keep running thinking about the next point to tick off from our list. Have I ordered the cake? Did I buy the presents for my children? Have I send the Christmas cards to my friends? Are the questions that have been bouncing in our heads for the last few weeks.

We live in a society of paradoxes, we know that there are people who need help, but advertising companies keep showing us that a Christmas without presents cannot exist.
To give a little help, most of the cities are promoting solutions to make the less-fortunate people live a decent Christmas. Every citizen can host some of them for lunch, help in the soup kitchens or just give a donation to one of the non- profit associations.

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Christmas is about sharing, true, but not only in a materialistic way. It is about giving time to the others, it is saying “thank you”. It is being grateful for what we have but also realizing that some people do not have anything.
For this Christmas, try to use your heart more than your wallet.

By Ludovica Uggeri