Prefazione al The picture of Dorian Gray

Commento in lingua inglese alla prefazione del Ritratto di Dorian Gray, The picture of Dorian Gray. Spiegazione del senso dell'arte per Oscar Wilde

Prefazione al The picture of Dorian Gray


Un'immagine tratta da 'Dorian Gray', film del 1970
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The Preface to The Picture of Dorian Gray, a sort of poem, affirmed Wilde's conception of art and artistry.

In addition to creating beautiful things, the artist's goal is to reveal himself, or even to conceal himself. As criticism is a form of autobiography, the critic can translate his impression of art into another form. To find ugly meanings in beautiful things is a fault, while to find beautiful meanings in beautiful things is to be cultivated.

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Books are not morally or immorally written: they are either well-written or badly-written. That's all. Furthermore, the artist does not aim to prove anything and lacks ethical preferences, but they have the ability to express everything as they are always in agreement with themselves. Art does not reflect life, but rather the viewer, and it serves no purpose.


This preface expresses Wilde's view on art as a celebration of beauty that can save the soul from destruction. To Wilde, who was still traditional in his Victorian beliefs, the concept of "Art for Art's Sake" was a moral obligation as well as an aesthetic one. He emphasized the importance of the artist's integrity and consistency, stating that they must be in agreement with themselves.

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