La prova di inglese (2a parte)

Di Redazione Studenti.


1. There is some people that is discussing about something. . . irritante
2. Because Jenny is proposing a new way of approaching to English, far from tradition.
3. Because the topic is . . . scottante
4. Yes, they did. The course is not compulsory and they are not examined at the end of it.
5. The involved agree with a school institution based on the synergy of both teachers and learners, they propose a new method of a joint production.
6. Although she had been a student too, she felt nervous and distant from their mind.
7. The poet says it's better to risk, than to protect oneself producing works and being judged. She states that she is attracted to elements of her English degree that might otherwise have seemed dry and abstract.
8. She hopes to offer a course bringing together creative writing and critical analyses as an option in Oxford's English degree.
9. Because it involves a synergic relationship between teachers and learners.

The passage deals with a group of poets that propose a creative writing.
Oxford accepts with difficulty such an innovative project and there is an animated discussion about it. There are some poets with some witnesses and the students. The former explain their method and try to persuade the students and their tutors and describe an experiment, a workshop at St. Edmund Hall and the latter try the system. The journalist adds that the project has been finally supported by Oxford and that a book has been published about it. This method was based on a strict relationship between teacher and learner.

1. They are 11 and 13 and they are looking at a book.
2. A "real" book is a book made of paper with some pages.
3. Tommy said that his grandfather had told him that he was used hundreds and hundreds of years ago and he was very old, yellow and crinkly.

4. According to Tommy, you could not throw it away, when you finished it.
5. Margie is scared because she hated school, it was not a good school period for her.
6. Her mother sent her for the County Inspector because of her bad tests in geography. It did not take the teacher apart because there were no reason, she hoped that it worked no longer.
7. He was a round little man. She said she hoped he would not know how to put her together again. Margie would like to talk her teacher, because she would like a real person to talk.
8. "book" :it means at first an ordinary book, made of paper, with some pages, to leaf and to put away. (oldness- nostalgy- wiseness). Then, it indicates the contents of a large and black screen with words that move away(indifference). "teacher": a large and black box with dials and wires, on which all the lessons were shown and all the questions were asked (hate- rejection- fear); a person that tells the boys and girls things and gives them homework and asked them questions (empathy- fondness). "school": it is an awful room, next to the students' bedroom, with a Tv screen that tests students (coldness- loneliness); it is a place, all the kids from the whole neighbourhood come to, they learn things and help one another on homework (friendship- childhood- fun).
9. She things they are more human and funny, that the mates are loving and the teacher is a kind of father.
Two kids find a book, but it is not an ordinary book. It is a paper book, made of pages. They are surprised because they have electronic book on Tv screen. The elder said that his grandfather has told they was used some decades ago.
The girl begins thinking to her ugly electronic book and its cold punishments. Once, she reminds, she had hoped they took it apart for adjustement.
Then she begins to reflect on the reason for which you can write a book about school.
The boy explains her that in the past teachers were different, they were human people that knew as much as a computer and that learn in buildings with a lot of mates. She realizes it had not to be so bad to have such a school, such a teacher, above all when her teacher start to explain her the addiction of proper fractions. She know that the school in that way were very fun.