Comprensione del testo inglese per l'esame di terza media 2020: esempi

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Esame terza media 2020: gli esercizi di comprensione del testo per la prova di inglese dell'esame di terza media. Esempi per esercitarsi


Comprensione del testo in inglese: esempi per l'esame terza media 2020
Comprensione del testo in inglese: esempi per l'esame terza media 2020 — Fonte: istock

La comprensione del testo in inglese è uno degli esercizi della prova di inglese dell'esame terza media 2020. La prova di lingue per la terza media deve essere valutata a partire dal Quadro Comune di riferimento europeo e ha l'obiettivo di verificare se gli studenti hanno raggiunto il livello A2.

Come si affronta la comprensione del testo in inglese? In questo caso la pratica è la strategia migliore per esercitarsi. Ti abbiamo già spiegato come affrontare una comprensione del testo in inglese, ma potrebbe esserti utile anche esercitarti con dei brani nuovi. Insomma, cosa aspetti? Ora hai davvero tutto ciò che ti occorre per prepararti al meglio alla comprensione del testo in lingua inglese in vista dell’esame di terza media!


La prima comprensione del testo che ti sottoponiamo riguarda Abraham Lincoln e la guerra di secessione americana; il sito da cui l’abbiamo presa è quello dell’Istituto comprensivo di Zanica. Ecco il brano:

“These two names are important in the suppression of slavery. One was a writer, Harriet Beecher Stowe. In 1857 she published "Uncle Tom’s cabin", showing how slavery meant cruelty. The second name was Abraham Lincoln, a poor boy who studied hard and gained political power. He had always thought of slavery as an evil. The slavery question was one of the causes of the Civil War. The second cause derived from it: the right or not of Southern States to leave the Union of States, govern themselves and keep their slaves. In 1861, the Southern States declared that they were non longer part of the Union. Abraham Lincoln was now President. He did everything he could by diplomatic means to avoid war, but in April 1861 the Southern States fired the shots. The twenty-three Northern, technically advanced States with a population of nine million people, armed with courage but with few arms and ammunition, and no system of railways to move their troops. The end was inevitable: in 1865 the South surrendered. In his hour of victory, President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by a madman. He had been one of the greatest men in history. “

Esame terza media: tutto sulla prova di inglese


Dopo la lettura del brano, dovrai confrontarti con la seconda parte della tua comprensione del testo in inglese, quella del questionario. Ecco, nello specifico, le domande a cui dovrai rispondere:

1. What was the famous book written by Harriet Beecher Stowe?
2. What did she think about slavery?
3. What did Abraham Lincoln think about it?
4. What were the two causes of Civil War?
5. What means did Abraham Lincoln use first, to prevent the war?
6. Who fired the first shots?
7. What advantages had the Northern States?
8. What were the weaknesses of Southern States?
9. When did the war end and who won it?
10. How did Abraham Lincoln die?
11. Who do you think was a great and famous man in the history of your country?

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Il secondo brano che ti proponiamo per preparati al meglio la comprensione del testo in inglese è tratto dal portale delle scuole di Ferrara e racconta di Alice Springs, una città nel Nord dell’Australia. Ecco il brano:

“Australians call the central desert area of their country “the outback”. Alice Springs is a town in the middle of the outback. It is sometimes called Alice or the Alice.
The native Arrernte people have lived near Alice Springs for more than 50,000 years. The town grew in the 1860s. It started as a telegraph station- part of the Overland telegraph line, which connected the North and the South of Australia. Later, explorers came to Alice looking for gold, and early settlers created enormous farms there. In 1920s, Alice became the base for Australia’s famous Royal Flying Doctor service. From Alice, doctors still fly in small planes to visit patients in remote villages and farms in the outback. Tourists come to Alice Springs for many reasons. You can try different adventure sports in the desert, like camping, mountain biking and walking. You can also fly over the desert in a hot air balloon, small plane and helicopter. The early explorers in the outback used camels for transport, and tourists can enjoy camel rides there today. Every year in Alice there is the Camel Cup-a camel race. Racing camels in not easy, and they often go in the wrong direction! Alice springs is also a centre for Aboriginal art. Aborigianal art is one of the oldest art tradition in the world. The paintings tell stories about the landscape and about the Aboriginal religion. At the Todd Mall in Alice Aprings, you can find lots of art galleries full of modern Aboriginal art. The artists still use traditional techniques, such as painting, with very small dots of colour.


Ovviamente, anche in questo caso, non poteva mancare il questionario, parte integrante della prova di comprensione del testo in lingua inglese. Rispondi alle domande e preparati al meglio per l’esame di terza media!

1. What is the outback?
2. Where is Alice Springs?
3. How long have the Arrernte people lived near Alice Springs?
4. What was Alice Springs at the beginning?
5. Why did explorer go there?
6. What does a flying doctor do?
7. What did Alice Springs become in the 1920s?
8. What can tourists do in the desert?
9. What is the Camel Cup?
10. Where in Alice Springs can you see Aborigenal Art?
11. What kind of techniques do artists use?

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